We offer Construction and Maintenance of the following services

Landscaping is best solution to feel the green and the nature you are missing in your surroundings.

Ecoscapes offers the best of solutions to help you procure the freshness. We are equipped with the best of landscape contractors in Bangalore who shall help you create unique and long lasting landscaping designs.

The garden landscaping options Ecoscapes offers are stylish and just according to your requirements. Our in-house landscape architects will help you select the best and the most suited landscaping elements to enhance the natural feel around you.

We have listed the services available at Ecoscapes just your review and reference

AquaScapes (Aquarium Projects)

Customized Architectural Landscape

HardScape Works

Landscape Designing

Landscape Irrigation

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Maintenance Services


SoftScape Works

TerraceScapes (Terrace Gardens)

Urban Planning


WaterScapes Water Features