Landscaping is a dream that I see with my open eyes. It is indeed true that we miss a breath of fresh air every morning owing to the concrete jungles that spring up with each passing moment. At Ecoscapes, your craving of witnessing greenery around shall be put forth to utmost priority as we design and architecture your landscapes. As a founding member of Ecoscapes, I have pledged to offer the best you can get when it comes to landscaping and landscaping gardening. My experience of 6 years in the industry has made me understand your perception to feel fresh and nurtured

Suraj Nayak,
Landscapes Consultant

I believe that every drop of water breathes a new life. The human eye craves to remain calm and composed. After 30 years of industrial experience and serving several multinational clients, I have understood that water and the color blue soothens the eyes. With Ecoscapes, we shall ensure that your aquariums make that impact that soothing and serene.

Suresh Montero,
Aquarium Designer

Concrete pillars are engulfing our localities from all sides. In the attempt to get a roof over our head, we are destroying nature around it. As your landscape engineers, we at Ecoscapes, shall build the nature around you. My experience in Horticulture will guide the development of your commercial landscaping.

Horticultural Expert

Landscaping does not just mean planting a few seeds and then letting them grow. Proper placement and beautification is what adds the charm is your landscaping services. We cannot stop the concrete jungles but we can definitely add dash of greenery around it. I understand the necessity of vertical gardens at your sites, with Ecoscapes, you will have no complaints.

Site Supervisor

Terrace gardens are now taking shape at a very rapid rate. Somehow it is important that the nature stays with us, be it on the top of the terrace or in between the sky kissing buildings. My experience of over 8 years in the industry has made it simple for me to offer the most unique and distinct design for terrace gardens, green walls and vertical gardens.

Wall Scapes Expert

To me water is life. When it gushes down a stream it makes me overwhelmed with joy. I enjoy working on these projects like it is the love of my life. The sound and the sight of water is said to have a very soothing effect on people. I believe in bringing out this feeling from the structures we build at Ecoscapes.

Landscapes Manager
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